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"Ample mystic lore and wisdom teachings are gently and artfully woven into a rousing good tale. The kids will have to share this one with the grownups." Light of Consciousness

"Magic does indeed exist. From the land of giants, fairies and wizards, Michele Avanti's book, GreeHee, The Journey of Five , had me on the edge of my seat. The adventure between a young dragon and the fairy he befriends takes place in the Land of Tamoor. There they must face their enemies, their fears, and keep alive the hope of their hearts. GreeHee is a book of mystery, adventure and prophecy that delights the mind while feeding the soul. I truly recommend GreeHee, The Journey of Five . In Light Times

"Michele Avanti, author and artist of the pen. She takes you on a journey with a young dragon named GreeHee, and this story is written brilliantly. ...Avanti is a master story teller as she guides you though this young dragons encounters with danger and evil. I love this book! With the artful way Avanti writes, you are along for the ride with every turn of the page. Mystic Pop Magazine

Comments From Readers...

"Michele Avanti writes like an artist paints--visually.  With words as colors, magical characters as texture, and an enthralling plot as form, the GreeHee canvas captivates and enchants.  In the first chapter you're into the painting. You've mounted up on GreeHee's rippling back, behind the beautiful, kidnapped fairy, Loni. You join their quest--one seeks to return home, the other to prove a dragon's savage prowess.  Then you're off and into Michele Avanti's masterful composition--gasping at the mystery, in awe of the fantasy, intrigued with the adventure, rolling in laughter, and enlightened by the wisdom." Eda Hatfield, Retired Art Teacher , Reno, NV

"I couldn't stop reading this wonderful fantasy. I read it in one sitting through the night. Every character in the book touched a part of my soul as if I had been this character or at least lived the same experiences, feelings and thoughts at some time in my existence in this lifetime or in another. ...This book is not just for children. Every adult should read this book. It helps us go back to our childhood where fantasy and dreams are always alive and real...."  Donna Smith, Administrator Unity Church, Roseburg,OR

"...Although I could tell right way that I was going to enjoy reading it, I honestly did not think that I would become so thoroughly engrossed in a so-called Children's Book.  The story is told in a simple and straightforward manner, which should allow younger readers to keep track of all activities and characters without confusion.  At the same time, ...(it) is complicated enough to hold the interest of discerning adults who may find it difficult to lose themselves in a world of fantasy and imagination.  I believe that it's a story for Any age group ...I highly recommend this fascinating and well-written story." Linda Cunningham, Norton Brothers Books , Roseburg, OR

"I am not a fantasy reader but when the rage over Harry Potter got to me I picked up the first book, read it, and enjoyed it. But when I read Michele's GreeHee The Journey of Five I felt that I discovered a new J.K. Rowling.

The lovable characters ...dragons, fairies, giants - are etched in your memory long after you close the book.

Like Harry Potter, Michele's fantasy will appeal to both children and adults. It's only a matter of time when the U.S. version of Ms. Rowling takes hold in America." Francine Silverman, author of Talk Radio for Authors, Riverside, New York

"...I've worked with elementary/middle school children and have tried to choose books to read to them or to recommend that would enhance their self esteem and encourage them to make good choices. GreeHee is an excellent book for these age groups. ...This story is uplifting and the loving qualities of the characters persist throughout. I felt better for having read it and I highly recommend it to any age group-even us big kids. Carron Baxter, Retired Teacher, Gardnerville, NV

"Being a middle-aged man, fantasy isn't exactly my cup of tea, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The marvelous fantasy world the author created, the wonderful creatures and characters inhabiting that world, and their epic physical and spiritual journey are entrancing. This is a fine work of fiction that will be hard to equal as the series continues." Comments from an NCPA Judge

"GreeHee is a gentle and fascinating flight into a unique imaginary world, and a lovely, uplifting, tale of self-discovery and the empowering, healing value of love, honesty, and friendship.

The narrative is brisk and uncluttered driven almost exclusively by concise, well-realized dialogue as the characters interact, questioning events, and revealing their ideas, hopes and fears. The overall narrative structure is similar to a video game, moving from place to place, dilemma to dilemma, with a solution and a message at each turn. Thus the tale never flags or loses focus and pulls you in, and along, with it. Its a genuine page turner, you will have a hard time putting it down as it scurries along.

. ..A quest which gently ...articulates a philosophy of faith and love, where evil cannot be overcome by violence but by its own lack of love which ultimately finds it helpless when confronted by a community of trusting friends who share their love honestly and willingly.

If you like, a good fantasy tale and/or if you like to read out loud and have children they will love GreeHee and company's journey ...and the wealth of characters and dialogue will give you a great opportunity to develop your skills at characterization.

The message of love, faith in self, trust in others, honesty, community and willingness to listen and accept differences even as our cultural training tells us to be suspicious is one that needs to be told. This book tells it very well and makes for joyful, enlightening, heartwarming, reading...

Highly recommended for lovers of the heart, fantasy world travelers, and children and of all ages." Orsetto DiOrsetto, Italy

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